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Maggi Sallah Challenge - Details & FAQs

This Sallah, MAGGI will reward you for all the difference you make with your greatest recipes. Stand the chance of winning a free ram to share and enjoy with your family.


  • Cook your best recipe with MAGGI seasoning
  • Take a picture of the dish with the MAGGI seasoning on the side
  • Capture a moment with your family enjoying the meal
  • Share the pictures of the dish and of your family enjoying the meal using the MAGGI filter and the hashtag #MAGGISallah or #MAGGITabaski

Competition lasts from 9 July till 17 July 2021

Fingers crossed. Let's see who wins!




Q: What is the Sallah Challenge about?

ANS: The MAGGI Sallah Challenge is an online Challenge by MAGGI where you stand the chance to win a ram every week to share with your family. Simply share pictures of the dishes you and your family are enjoying, using the filter.


Q: How do I participate?

First, cook your best recipe with MAGGI and share a picture of the dish and your family enjoying it, using the filter. Use the #MAGGISallahChallenge #MAGGISallah hashtags and keep your fingers crossed to win.


Q: How long with the campaign run?

The campaign starts on 9 July 2021 and ends on 23 July 2021


Q: What do I stand to win if I participate?

There’s a ram a week up for the winning.


Q: How do I redeem my prize?

Once the winners are picked for the week, we would contact them to arrange with them on the best way forward.