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Jollof Bet Competition

You may have bet on the big games, and even small games. But ever bet on a tasty, delicious game?

That’s right! It’s the ultimate Jollof battle.

Which will come on top in a battle? Can Goat Jollof beat Chicken Jollof or wedding Jollof beat funeral Jollof in a head to head? Bet on your favorite Jollof to win and stand the chance to win a GH¢500.00 Melcom voucher.

So, if you’re feeling lucky and ready to put your favorite mouthwatering Jollof on the line, just follow these steps:

  • Watch out for the daily Jollof head to heads on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.
  • Comment on which Jollof will win in the matchup.
  • Look out for the Ultimate draw of all Jollof match-ups on World Jollof Day
  • Place your bet by commenting on which Jollof wins in all the match-ups (You can only bet once)
  • Stay tuned to see if all your selections were spot on.

The first 10 people to get all their selections right, win.


Competition lasts from August 16th to 22nd , 2021

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