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1. What is the promotion?

Ans: MAGGI Return Wrapper Promotion.

2. How does it work?

Ans: Return at least 100 wrappers of MAGGI to get great gifts.

Instant Rewards: On return of 100 wrappers, the consumer will get an instant gift. This will be in the form of a premiums relevant in the kitchen.

Bi-Weekly Rewards:

Every two weeks, all participants will stand the chance to win even bigger prizes. I.e. electronics such as washing machines, rice cookers, set of cooking utensils, TVs, etc.

Monthly Rewards:

All participants stand the chance to win cash (GHc 10k/GHc 5k) or a car.


Bi- weekly and monthly rewards will be based on a draw for all participants for that period.

3. Can I return any MAGGI Wrapper?

Ans: return any of MAGGI Shrimp, MAGGI Chicken, MAGGI Dedeede, MAGGI BEEF and MAGGI Tablet.

4. Where will I get my instant rewards?

Ans: Get your instant rewards from the same redemption point, either in your market or neighborhood.

5. Where will I get my bi-weekly & Monthly rewards?

Ans: You will receive a phone call from Nestle MAGGI to come for your reward.

6. How do I find a redemption center close to me?

WIP. Category will share specific redemption sights.

7. Do I qualify for the biweekly draw if I have not returned wrappers for the draw period?

Ans: No. You only qualify for a draw if you have returned rappers within the two weeks for which the draw is being held.

8. What are the rewards on offer?

Answer: Instantly – All branded : Ladles, Soup Bowls, Mugs , Storage Bowls , Food warmers, Basins, Plates,

Storage Containers, Double bowls.

Bi-Weekly – Rice cookers, TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerator, Cooking Utensils, Kettles, Cloth,

Blender, and Standing Fan.

Monthly – Cash GHC 10,000 , Cash GHC 5,000 , Brand New Car

9. How long will this promotion last?

Ans: From July 1, 2020 to Sept 30, 2020


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